World water day
22 de March de 2023
World water day
22 de March de 2023

Committed to SDG 5 on Gender Equality and Pacto Mundial

From APRIA Systems, we are committed to SDG 5 on Gender Equality and  Pacto Mundial.  We are currently in the process of drawing up an Equality Plan.

Within the framework of the firm commitment of APRIA Systems S.L. to equal opportunities between men and women, the company is currently in the process of drawing up an  Equality Plan.

As a preliminary step and to establish an  Equality Commission in charge of, among other functions, the preparation of that plan, during December 2022, APRIA Systems S.L.   has promoted training as  Equality Delegate  as part of its staff.

A total of five people received specific 60-hour training on equality. These workers will be able to make this knowledge available to the rest of the workforce to publicize and introduce equal opportunities for men and women, providing great value for the  company.

Topics covered in this training include:

  1. Incorporation of women in the labour market.
  2. Reconciliation of family, work and personal life.
  3. Inclusive and non-sexist language.
  4. Sexual and gender-based harassment.

In addition, the company implements in its daily activity a series of measures focused on ensuring said equality.

First of all, in its selection processes, the company applies criteria solely based on the academic training and professional career of the applicant profiles, hiring the people who provide the greatest added value to the company based on their professional aptitudes and personal skills.

This philosophy is also followed in the case of access to positions of responsibility within the company. In addition, APRIA Systems S.L.  implements a series of daily practices that promote family reconciliation among workers, including mainly flexible and/or continuous working hours, as well as  the possibility of teleworking.

SDG contribution: