CIROX – End of project

The project CIROX, funded by SODERCAN has been concluded.

The CIROX project “Closing the water cycle in the industry through innovative and efficient wastewater treatment systems based on photo(electro)catalysis” has focused on the study of the application of innovative photo(electro)chemical technologies for the treatment of wastewater from the manufacturing industry for reuse within the production process itself, as a means of contributing to circularity in the industrial sector. Specifically, it has focused on evaluating the technical and economic feasibility of the laboratory-scale application of some of these technologies, both in their standard version (particularly, photolysis and photocatalysis) and hybridized with other technologies such as electrochemical oxidation (particularly, photoelectrocatalysis), as a final stage in the real industrial wastewater treatment train, in such a way as to achieve the demanding water quality requirements for reuse.

The results obtained have confirmed the advantages of the synergistic effect of the hybridization of technologies, which leads both to better technical performance compared to their standard alternatives, in terms of the elimination of the residual organic matter in water, and to better technical-economic performance, in terms of specific energy consumption. This was also confirmed by a CAPEX/OPEX analysis. Likewise, they have also contributed to determining the influence of some of the most influential variables in said process, as well as identifying opportunities for improvement.

In short, the study carried out at the CIROX project has contributed to the progress in the development of these innovative treatment systems and lays the foundations for continuing to work on optimizing their design in terms of technical effectiveness and energy efficiency.


CIROX (Ref.: EC22-XX-003) has been founded by the “Society for Regional Development of Cantabria, S.A.” (SODERCAN) through the financing program to promote the circular economy in its 2022 call.

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