Apria improves its 3D design and additive manufacturing service

The company’s engineering department has two new pieces of equipment: a 3D printer (Epsilon W50) and a 3D scanner (Einscan Pro 2X). These two new acquisitions, as well as the high-performance hardware required for their use (Fury 16 GB laptop), will allow the company to:

i) expand its production capacity

ii) internalize the design and printing of elements on a larger scale

iii) perform more precise 3D modeling, through the implementation of reverse engineering processes

iii) diversify its portfolio of innovative services by opening a new green parts manufacturing line.

Engineer supervising the 3D printing of a proof of concept using recycled PLA filament

3D printer (Epsilon W50)

3D scanner (Einscan Pro 2X)

Fury laptop showing the software of the 3D scanner

Gob Cantabria Consj Ind

This action, supported by the Ministry of Innovation, Industry, Tourism and Commerce through its “Cheque innovación 2023) aid line, has allowed Apria to incorporate an INDUSTRY 4.0 solution for the virtualization of elements and additive manufacturing, further promoting its innovative capacity.

Apria Systems

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