Engineering services

Equipment design and construction

APRIA Systems acts as a technology provider, developing customized equipment based on customer needs. The service offered by APRIA Systems includes:

  • Advising of the process implementation.
  • Design under customer specifications (design parameters).
  • Construction of the equipment.
  • Start up.

APRIA Systems offers customized equipment, including the design of the geometry and dimensions of cells and reactors, in order to meet customer requirements.

Techno-economic feasibility projects

Our technical team operates, generates and evaluates the information needed to support a quantitative decision-making. This service offered by APRIA Systems includes:

  • Identification of feasible alternatives from a technical point of view.
  • Carrying out tests and studies to define the critical parameters.
  • Economic assessment of the alternatives, allowing hierarchical organization.

Complementarily, APRIA Systems, upon request of its customers, reviews and evaluates funding opportunities present at regional, national and European level, based on the specific needs of the study to be performed.