Consultancy services

Soil quality assessment
APRIA Systems offers several consultancy services, including:
  • Technical advice and preparation of Soil Quality Reports.
  • Preliminary risk assessment for the definition, diagnosis and improvement proposal for the storage of raw materials, intermediate and final products, as well as residues.
  • Technical advice and preparation of soil quality studies in land purchase and sale operations
  • Elaboration of Complementary Reports and Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRAs) based on the most modern software (RISC, RBCA, etc.).

NOVELTY: Management of analytical tests certified under UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 by means of a collaboration agreement with the University of Cantabria.

Impact assessment and environmental regulations
Services offered by APRIA Systems

  • Specialized advice for the adaptation of projects and facilities to the requirements established in the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Directive.
  • Elaboration of projects for the application and renewal of the Integrated Environmental Authorization.
  • Elaboration of Environmental Impact Assessment projects.
  • Individual advice and elaboration of applications for Integrated Environmental Authorization due to substantial modifications.
  • Elaboration of communication reports to the relevant institution for non-substantial modifications.
  • Advice for compliance with the European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (EPRTR)

APRIA Systems complements these consultancy services with advanced engineering services to offer tailored design, construction, commissioning and operation of innovative equipment for waste treatment and valorisation.

REACH diagnosis and replacement of substances

Services offered by APRIA Systems
  • Definition of the company as producer, importer and user/distributor of substances.
  • Need for registration of substances: deadlines, documentation to be generated, foreseeable costs.
  • Potential REACH restrictions on the manufacture of substances and their marketing for certain uses.
  • Substances whose substitution in the production process should be planned to ensure the continuity of the current products in the market.

Support to the innovation under REACH framework
  • Search for substituents to those substances that entails major risks according to REACH, and hence there could negatively impact in the current product portfolio of the company.
  • Development of new products and processes to take advantage over new emerging markets or reinforce the competitiveness in the existing ones.
Application for project funding

Within the collaborative projects in which APRIA Systems participates, it is possible to identify and evaluate funds for their activities. At regional (associations for local development), national (Ministries and technological development centres) and European level (H2020, LIFE, EITs, JPIs, etc.) there are several financial assistances for the execution of innovative projects, covering most of the technology readiness levels.

APRIA Systems has experience in identifying the best funding opportunities, based on each call requirements and the characteristics and intensity of the funds offered, as well as the presentation of successful applications, which gives our customers greater economic solvency to implement the desired project.