ELOXIRAS® is based on a new electrochemical oxidation technology, an advanced oxidation process (AOP) that generates an oxidant without the addition of chemicals, only by applying an electrical potential between two electrodes inside the water to be treated.

It improves productivity, efficiency and environmental impact of marine RAS, allowing the following main benefits:

  • Higher production, leading to a higher culture densities.
  • Lower fresh water intake consumption.
  • High efficacy on water treatment.

The technology increases the benefits for RAS owners, being applied to different systems such as:

ELOXIRAS® HYBRID Large RAS facilities Increment of productivity
Lower water use
ELOXIRAS® MINI Small scale RAS facilities Compactness
Adaptable treatment capacity
ELOXIRAS® LOGISTIC Truck or well-boat transport operations from hatcheries to growing facilities Extended range of distances
Bigger biomass capacity
ELOXIRAS® BIO Quarantine and bio-security facilities of any RAS scale High disinfection capability
High isolation level

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